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TRUSTED BY is a great platform for finding support for software development. After publishing the Siemens Healthineers Tender, we had over 20 serious candidates reach out to us. We never expected such a strong response from so many qualified contractors so quickly. It has really helped find new colleagues for our development team. If you’re considering growing your company with external contractors I highly recommend
Francisc JurasProducts & Solutions Development Manager

Partner Vendor

I.S.D.D. plus
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Represents European Ecosystem of verified IT Providers. 

We match the clients and vendors on the platform based on data, expertise and solutions. succeeds when the clients and partner vendors succeed. 

The Ecosystem model benefits from a powerful flywheel effect: as more clients join, they bring in more projects which in turn drives more demand for our partner vendors. and their team provided us with numerous options to choose from in an extremely fast manner. I would like to thank them for their continuous support, dedication and transparency. For companies who are looking for a quick and professional service, their network ensures you will be matched with a quality resource for an affordable price which was the case for us.
Francesco CaroliFormer CTO at Alite International

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Gecko Dynamics
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The Ecosystem is only for exceptional Vendors.

Finding the right vendor, negotiating and contracting used to be a slow, difficult, and costly process. Thanks to, it’s a seamless and intuitive, browse and search, click and find, sign and collaborate experience.

Accelerate your growth
Decrease the number of interviews and save the time by shortlisting the vendors based on data.

Remote developement
Labor costs, enormous rates and on-site expenses are forcing companies to adopt external talents.

Access to expertise
Many organizations are still using only the local workforce with long-term contracts, which limits their potential.

We approached because we needed help finding German speaking Pentester in a few days . We knew that because of their robust and quality network, the chances would be higher than the other services. Their team worked hard, the cooperation was smooth and enjoyable. When we conducted interviews with their vendor and candidate, we knew we had the right partner for our project.
Martin ViselkaCEO at Cybertech

Partner Vendor for Security


Browse 300 verified Partner Vendors

Browse, compare and choose the service type from specialists, teams or projects.

Verified data, smart match-making, automated process, project management, payments - you can find it all in one platform. 

We have been looking for a partner in software development. After I received recommendation for Lukas things got momentum and we got all what we needed from for our project within E-learning platform.
Dr. Robert KendeHead of Technology at the Quantica Capital

Partner Vendor for App development 


Expertise proved by verified solutions

Discover solutions developed by our partner vendors for the world-class clients and meet the right partner for your development according to the industries, expertise & technologies of your demand.

When we are not able to meet the high demand of our clients with our internal resources, are there to provide us with a list of suitable candidates according to our needs. Despite our tough criteria and the unpredictable environment they always do their best to come up with fast solutions and have been very flexible and able to adhere to our processes related to hiring external contractors. We also really appreciate the automated processes, like receiving a message with all the crucial information as soon as a new candidate is available.
Linda PlavakovaCapacity Manger at Vacuumlabs

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Publish your IT demands to find a new partner

Many organizations are still using the local workforce with long-term contracts, which limits their potential. Publish your IT demand for free to the European IT Ecosystem. Results with applied partner vendors in 7 days. 



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