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Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Costs with Up to 20% Savings on all External IT Projects is among the Top 50 startups out of 1,200 at Slush 100, the world's leading startup event and the largest gathering of VCs.

Superpower for Project Leaders

Enhance cost savings, boost productivity, benefit from informed decision-making, and secure improved project outcomes for clients.

Have a problem but no solution?

Project Copilot AI

Submit your issue and let AI swiftly match you with a vast selection of solutions.

Have a solution but not the right team?

Team Matching AI

Describe your solution, and our AI will instantly match you with suitable, available teams from top-tier tech firms.

Have teams but need to streamline ops & scale?

Vendor Master

Take control of all external partnerships and scale your operations effortlessly with our comprehensive enterprise solution.

“ is a great platform for finding support for software development. After publishing the Siemens Healthineers Tender, we had over 20 serious candidates reach out to us. We never expected such a strong response from so many qualified contractors so quickly. It has really helped find new colleagues for our development team. If you’re considering growing your company with external contractors I highly recommend"

Francisc Juras
Product manager at Siemens

✓ Optimize Cost

✓ Increase Quality

✓ Reduce Time to Manage

✓ Stay in Compliance

The biggest problem of clients is the inefficient and manual process of project planning, team selection, budget optimization, and project scaling in software engineering. The old way of doing things typically involves relying on limited data, expensive analytics, and extensive consultations, resulting in time-consuming and costly decision-making processes.

Technology executives responsible for overseeing software development and project management within their organizations.
CTOs and CIOs
Professionals managing software projects and seeking efficient solutions for project planning and execution.
Project Managers
Those tasked with vendor and team selection, budget management, and optimizing software development operations.
Procurement and Vendor Managers

Project Copilot AI

Leverage advanced AI capabilities for project planning, analysis, and team selection, enabling rapid decision-making and problem-solving, saving months of manual work in seconds.

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Vendor Master

Effortlessly manage teams, master suppliers, and external vendors in one unified platform for seamless collaboration.

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Value-Driven Pricing Models

Our pricing model is designed to cater to diverse project needs and to bring maximum return of investments in software engineering projects.


5%-10% / success protection

Gain a competitive advantage with our Professional Plan, featuring premium vendor scouting, priority support, and AI-driven team matching for up to 10 projects per year.

  • Up to 3 projects
  • Up to 3 partners
  • Single user
  • Standardize procurement
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Ideal for large-scale businesses looking for comprehensive vendor selection, budgeting, and management. Contact us for a custom care.

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited vendors
  • Advanced analytics
  • Private cloud
  • Custom procurement
  • Custom branding
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