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Nordics.io is a matchmaking platform that connects you with vetted software engineering teams from Europe, supported by cutting-edge solutions, to bring your project to life.


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Why different types of organizations are chosing Nordics.io

Discover the many ways in which our clients have embraced the benefits of the Nordics network.

Partner Client QuanticaTrust

Quantica Capital trusted our data-driven selection of vendors.

Partner Client SiemensSpeed

Fast connection with available senior teams for projects in Siemens.

Partner Client BenedorSimplicity

Easy-to-use platform for Benedor to select a software partner.

Partner Client CybertechQuantity

Access to more than 30.000+ developers for BW Digitronik.

Partner Client VacuumlabsQuality

Vacuumlabs and 3 round process securing the highest quality.

The shortage of highly experienced software teams and the limited options for finding them present challenges for startups and enterprises across Europe's tech sector. Many businesses struggle to source the expertise they require and seek more options for scaling their development capacity.

To address this, we built a platform where software vendors can showcase their expert teams and solutions, while clients can describe their project requirements. Nordics.io creates a vetted ecosystem that leverages data and AI to intelligently match clients' needs with suitable software teams across Europe - enabling the most precise connections yet.

Lukas Rezanina CEO Nordics.io
Lukas Rezanina
CEO, Nordics.io

Nordics.io is a great platform for finding support for software development. After publishing the Siemens Healthineers Tender, we had over 20 serious candidates reach out to us. We never expected such a strong response from so many qualified contractors so quickly. It has really helped find new colleagues for our development team. If you’re considering growing your company with external contractors I highly recommend Nordics.io.

Francisc Juras Siemens
Francisc Juras
Products Manager, Siemens

When we are not able to meet the high demand of our clients with our internal resources, Nordics.io are there to provide us with a list of suitable candidates according to our needs. Despite our tough criteria and the unpredictable environment they always do their best to come up with fast solutions and have been very flexible and able to adhere to our processes related to hiring external contractors. We also really appreciate the automated processes, like receiving a message with all the crucial information as soon as a new candidate is available.

Linda Plavakova Vacuumlabs
Linda Plavakova
Capacity Manager, Vacuumlabs

Become a client or get listed as a vendor.
Or both.

Nordics background for client decision maker chair from behind in a big city in Western Europe.


Nordics background for vendor sitting with mointain view and focus and client's work.


Connect with teams behind world-class solutions

Nordics.io offers a unique combination of the data-driven platform, an ecosystem of 350+ hand-picked software vendors and detailed data used for deep due dilligence process. We help companies match projects with verified software development teams.

Platform for finding available teams

Nordics.io simplifies technology vendor search and contracting, making it a fast, easy, and cost-effective process. Pick your team now and start working on your product. 

  • Time

    Decrease the number of interviews and save time by optimizing the selection process by leveraging data-driven insights and evaluating prior performance to quickly identify the most suitable vendors.

  • Costs

    Limit labor costs, enormous rates and on-site expenses. Nordics.io can help you save valuable time and resources leading to boosted efficiency, reduced expenditure and improved ROI.

Screens of partner vendors from Nordics Platform

Platform for matching with an ideal team

By using our platform, organizations can unlock their full potential by discovering the ideal tech vendor for their needs. 

  • Europe's top software vendors

    You can find everything you need to select the right service type from specialists, teams, or projects in one platform.

  • Proven by solutions

    Discover solutions developed by our partner vendors for world-class clients and meet the right partner for your development by filtering the right industries, expertise & technologies.

Screens of Partner Vendors from Nordics Platform

We approached Nordics.io because we needed help finding German-speaking Pentester in a few days. We were confident that their reliable and superior network would assist us in finding the right fit for our project faster than other services. Their team worked diligently, and the entire journey was conducted in an effortless yet pleasurable manner. When we conducted interviews with the vendor and their candidate, we knew that this was the optimal partner for our project.

Martin Viselka Digitronik
Martin Viselka
CEO, BW Digitronik

Nordics.io is for us a synonymum of transparency and fairness in business relationships. For us as a SW development company it brings clearly defined opportunities, transparency in their progression and closure and a easy administration along delivery phase. It provides welcomed channel of possible new opportunities.

Marian Bodi I.S.D.D. Plus
Marian Bodi
CFO, I.S.D.D. Plus

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Nordics.io is a matchmaking platform that connects you with vetted development teams from Europe, supported by cutting-edge solutions, to bring your project to life.

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