How will remote work in US Businesses increase after covid-19?

remote work

According to a report by Pulse Secure, most American companies expect a higher percentage of remote work after the end of the coronavirus pandemic. The Pulse Secure’s 2020 Remote Work From Home report examined how individual companies are adapting to the current situation during which remote work has become widespread.

According to the study, it turned out that the popularity of remote work has undeniably increased. In more than half of the companies (63%), at least a quarter of employees worked remotely before the corona crisis, but three-quarters of the same companies surveyed declared that more than 75% of their employees switched to remote work after a pandemic broke out. One-third (33%) of the organizations said that they were not sufficiently prepared for such a sudden change from office work to remote work. Although they did not feel ready, the majority of companies (54%) stated that they had successfully increased the capacity to support a remote workforce in 7 days or less.

Although remote work also has some negatives, overall companies see remote work as a good thing, as 38% of organizations say they have experienced higher productivity with their employees since they started using telecommuting.

The vast majority of companies (84%) said they believe that working from home would be the new standard, and at the same time, 33% of companies said that they are considering letting some positions permanently remote after the end of the pandemic. Companies in Europe will not act very differently, and so remote work is probably the future of the majority of companies.

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Source: Pulse Secure