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6.11. 2020

Nordics IO expands to Switzerland!

Nordics IO is not anymore just about Nordics. We are very happy that interest in our services have shown companies also outside Scandinavia and we are breaking into the Swiss market as well!

8.10. 2020

Seed investment for Nordics IO

B2B startup Nordics IO that provides a platform for software companies in Europe, has raised seed investment by Slovak business angel. Nordics IO claims to have partnered with over 100 software companies to help in hiring single senior developers or full-stack...

18.9. 2020

Types of outsourcing: Nearshore, offshore or onshore

The market currently offers such a great variety of outsourcing options and different spheres of software development. Conducting in-depth research is absolutely necessary before making a final decision, and this takes time. We decided to provide some assistance with this lengthy endeavor...

4.9. 2020

In-House vs. Outsourced: How to Decide Which is Best for Your Company’s App Development

Your company has decided to develop a mobile app but you aren’t sure whether to build it in-house or outsource the project to an app development company. You want to make an informed decision as you’ll be investing lots of time...

remote work
25.8. 2020

How will remote work in US Businesses increase after covid-19?

According to a report by Pulse Secure, most American companies expect a higher percentage of remote work after the end of the coronavirus pandemic. The Pulse Secure’s 2020 Remote Work From Home report examined how individual companies are adapting to the current...

12.8. 2020

By 2022, Sweden will have a high number of vacancies for IT specialists

Shortage of IT specialists in Sweden (according to IT- och Telekomföretagen’s report Sweden will be 70,000 IT specialists short by 2022), outsourcing to the companies in central Europe is going to rise! The comprehensive digitalization taking place in Sweden and globally...

27.11. 2019

Slovakia and the Czech Republic are very far ahead in IT development

Overall, Eastern European countries are very well represented in the ranking, the best being countries like Slovakia, the Czech Republic. The skill of IT developers in these two countries is bringing more and more companies and creating IT development centers....

27.11. 2019

Average developer salaries in Europe

According to Payscale, computer programmers in Scandinavian command the highest salaries—from $44K to $82K annually.  Let’s look at the tech market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The average software developer salary is from $25K to $30K a year according to...