By 2022, Sweden will have a high number of vacancies for IT specialists

Shortage of IT specialists in Sweden (according to IT- och Telekomföretagen’s report Sweden will be 70,000 IT specialists short by 2022), outsourcing to the companies in central Europe is going to rise!

The comprehensive digitalization taking place in Sweden and globally has led to the digital sector, i.e. the IT and telecom industry and other activities largely dependent on IT, becoming business’s strongest force for growth. The continued growth of the sector is now threatened by the lack of cutting-edge expertise. A deficit in the order of 70,000 people with IT or digital-related competencies is feared by 2022 if no special measures are taken.

The IT skills shortage by IT & Telekomföretagen

As IT & Telekomföretagen reported in 2012 and in 2015. Also, the information in 2017 from the report shows a bright future for the Swedish IT industry. It shows that challenges remain the same and the situation in Human Resources in IT is critical. Our company Nordics IO with our partnership with more than 130 central European software houses is here for new B2B with Scandinavia companies.

According to Eurostat’s survey, all together – i.e. the digital sector – this consisted of 308,100 people or 6.3 percent of the total workforce in Sweden in 2016, which is the second-highest share in Europe after Finland.

The IT skills shortage by IT & Telekomföretagen

During meetings with the new partners from Scandinavia, we are understanding more and more our added value. We have tried to build a strong selling focus on great prices in central EU for senior developers and quality of software engineers. Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland are getting great results in different types of developer word-wide testing. We found out that demand is also for fast and flexible delivery of IT services and systems by continuous supply, cloud services, and agile working methods. If Swedish company is looking for the best people and cannot wait forever, we recommend to cosnsider all options.

According to the report, 70 percent of the shortage is for general programming competence, rather than specific languages, that is demanded. Even though around 60 000 software/system developers are working now in Sweden, more than 20 000 developers are still in the need.

And here we are as Nordics IO with a new platform and business to business opportunity for European software companies. In the time when Scandinavian companies trying to hold the top position in the world in IT services and trying to become number one country in the world. Central Europe is focusing on bringing more and more quality for the clients with perfect project development and getting more and more worldwide successful developers around the globe. But there are still plenty more future developer rockstars.