We helped an international company with a revenue of €10 billion to find a Senior React Developer

Before state
The HR team had difficulties finding the right candidates, activities in marketing do not lead to best-fit candidates for a specific position. Signed contractors couldn't find candidates so we jumped in.

"I admire human approach and maximum personal enthusiasm to meet our requirements." - HR Business Partner in the international company

Open CV of Senior React Developer

In 7 days we found 6 Azure and 4 BI developers for a Swedish client

Before state:
The company wasn't satisfied with the software contractor in Poland due to a very exhausting and slow process of hiring suitable candidates.

After state:
For Business Area Manager responsible for their business growth we searched in the Nordics IO network and fulfilled our promise. In 7 days we delivered candidates of the highest quality with European rates.

Open Report with CVs of Candidates

Swedish client interviewed Hyperledger expert in 7 days

Take a look at how we helped a Swedish software company. The client was in urgent need for an expert in Hyperledger fabric.

Before state:
The client is a well-known software company in Sweden with 50% of remote team in Europe. The core team stays in Sweden, but they scale the team regularly with outside talent. 

After state:
Nordics IO came back to our client with a Report & Analysis in 7 days and delivered a hard-to-find expert in Hyperledger with GoLang programming skills. The selected candidate was part of a new era for the world’s food supply - IBM Food Trust as well as a renowned lecturer with numerous conferences behind his back. Interviews took place with all the interested parties involved and in the end, he was open to accept the challenge and join the ranks of our Swedish client for the MPV project in Healthcare.

Seventeen candidates for three new positions (DevOps, QA and Full-stack)

We presented our services to a client from Sweden in November 2020. We found common ground and immediately gained a good and friendly relationship. Although the client did not need new IT employees in the fourth quarter of 2020, at the beginning of 2021 it contacted us with 3 new open positions. An experienced client in the field of IT Vendors in Europe had no problem cooperating with Nordics IO and we delivered verified and suitable candidates within 7 days.

Form Devops

Cyber security specialist applied for the long-term assignment thanks to partnership with Nordics IO

Swiss client appled for a partnership with the largest German service provider in the labor market

Since the various processes and systems of the Client can be accessed from the Internet, they are to be viewed as particularly at risk and must therefore be protected by appropriate security measures. The security of the systems must be guaranteed at all times and the requirements for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data must be met and checked by means of regular penetration tests.

The Client performs comprehensive service tasks for the labor and training market for citizens as well as for companies and institutions.

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Swiss, the most beautiful country

Fast-growing company from Switzerland building a team for efficiently manage workspaces

Swiss client help companies manage their workspaces efficiently while boosting employee satisfaction. The solution is a combination of easy-to-install, cable-free and elegant meeting room displays, accurate presence sensors and innovative SaaS software. The system can easily be connected to any existing calendar software such as Exchange, Office 365 or other booking systems. Developers will be joining the team of 6, with 2 resources already hired by the client.

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Cardiovascular medicine center Benedor chose from multiple vendors and saved 65% of expenses

Before state
The system application for a private health care client who needed to digitalize day-to-day operations. The goal was transform manual paper operations into the digital world.

Quote by Executive of Benedor
"I was very surprised by the results of the work of the Nordics IO team. They've been very helpful and I thank to them for their amazing effort."Milan Homza

Finnish start-up signed the contract after the first video interview with the recommended vendor

Take a look at how we helped a Finnish start-up with a search for their partner focusing on web development for a Floorball e-learning portal. 

Before state
Finish CEO of a start-up had been long time looking for vendor in his side project.

Quote by CEO of Floorball Nerds
"Professional team working on my idea every day. Great communication, great results. Nordics IO has recommended me exactly what I was looking for and could not find in my country." - Julius Jousi 

Three European universities applied for E-Learning project with our expertise

Before state
Three universities all together applied together and do not know how to develop and how much cost e-learning site.

After state
3 universities applied for E-Learning project. We asked 4 Vendors and responded to the client 5 proposals with range from €62,800k to €144,035.

"We have been looking for a partner in software development. After I received recommendation for Lukas things got momentum and we got all what we needed from Nordics IO for E-learning project." - manager responsible for the project Miroslav Rozložník, PhD.


Thanks to our vendors, you can use innovative technologies and processes when completing projects for your customers. During the solution design phase, we make an unbiased selection of the most suitable solutions and vendors.

We base our selection on our extensive experience, so that the final solution meets the clients' needs and can be easily incorporated into their IT environment. Our premium vendors are leaders in IT development, as evidenced by their satisfied clients.