Alite International

Client from Sweden

Solution Architect for a Swedish environmental tech company

€50.000 - €60.000
July, 2022
Applied vendors
16 from 50
Increased by 32%
Shortlisted vendors
7 from 16
Increased by 43%
Contracted vendor
1 from 7
Decreased by 14%


Contracted vendor from Slovakia


Senior Architect responsible for designing & developing innovative tech solutions, managing teams, & ensuring quality & security.

Final rate

€66 EUR / hour is a great platform for finding support for software development. After publishing the Siemens Healthineers Tender, we had over 20 serious candidates reach out to us. We never expected such a strong response from so many qualified contractors so quickly. It has really helped find new colleagues for our development team. If you’re considering growing your company with external contractors I highly recommend

Francisc Juras
Product Manager, Siemens is for us a synonymum of transparency and fairness in business relationships. For us as a SW development company it brings clearly defined opportunities, transparency in their progression and closure and a easy administration along delivery phase. It provides welcomed channel of possible new opportunities.

Marian Bodi
CFO, I.S.D.D. Plus


Tender information

Tender 'Health-care team extension'

Siemens Healthineers
12 months
Join our international agile team to develop new software solutions for medical devices using C#, .NET, .NET Core, CI/CD, and more. Help shape the future of healthcare!
Siemens Healthineers is looking for a Senior or Middle C# CI/CD developer to join their agile team and help develop up-to-date software solutions for medical devices. The successful candidate will have professional experience in C# development and .NET core, experience with common Design patterns and SOLID principles, and be familiar with Agile development methods. Knowledge of PowerShell, yaml programming language, Test driven development, Virtual Machines setup, Cloud solutions, Cybersecurity awareness, and Windows 10 configuration management experience is a plus. The position is for 12 months with possible extension and pays €35-€45 per hour..
Main domain
Other domains
Health-care, Web App Development
Technology Stack: C# , .NET , .NET Core , Continues Integration/Delivery (CI/CD) , PowerShell , YAML , Test Driven Development , Virtual Machines setup (vmware, hyper-V) , Cloud Solutions , Cybersecurity Awareness, Windows 10 Configuration Management.
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