How it works


Software house requests to join the platform as the vendor vendor

Filling out the tender form is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Nordics.io conducts an in-depth verification process of each application

Based on our code of principles and use of the 3rd party tools, we're able to determine the quality and verify each company that applied to our network.

Nordics.io onboards verified partner vendor to the platform

If no red flags appear during the verification stage, we onboard new partner vendor to the platform.

Partner vendor receives an invite for tenders according to their field of expertise

Each partner vendor will receive a request to participate in the tender based on their technology stack, expertise and preferences.

Partner vendor applies for relevant tenders and meets with the clients

If the timing is right and requirements fit, partner vendor applies to the tender.

Contract is signed and partnership begins

Monthly invoicing from the partner vendor to the Nordics.io. Partner client receives a final proposal with our success fee included.

Monthly payments are going from the Client to the Nordics.io. On the second day when payment is received, Nordics.io pays to the partner vendor.


Partner client publishes a tender on the platform for free

After registration to the platform we support the client to prepare the right specification for the tender.

Nordics.io selects relevant partner vendors

After we publish the tender to the network, partner vendors apply with candidates’ skills & expertise that match the requirements.

Selected partner vendors are invited to apply for the tender

Thanks to our AI-powered platform and our human input based on robust experience, the hand-picked partner vendors are able to apply.

In 7 days, partner client receives a list of partner vendors who applied for the tender

The client compares proposals from the applicants, review them, and initiates dialogues with the most appealing partner vendors.

Partner client shortlists and invites partner vendors for an interview

Both parties enter so called 'dealroom' where the negotiations follow.

Client chooses the most suitable partner vendor and signs the contract

We start each engagement with a trial period of up to 14 days to make sure the partner vendor is a good fit for the client. If the client is satisfied with the first 14 days, contract is validated.

Monthly Invoicing from the Vendor to the Nordics IO. With success commission it will be forwarded to the client.

Monthly Payments are going from the Client to the Nordics IO. On the second day when payment is received, Nordics IO will pay to the Vendor.

Business model

To help Nordics.io run smoothly and to cover the cost of its services, we charge a success fee when a contract is confirmed & signed. Partner client pays Nordics.io the agreed amount for the work of the partner vendor plus the service fee according to the partner client's total turnover. 

Nordics.io understands and appreciates everyone's loyalty. In return, we’d like to treat each our partner like a VIP. Naturally, the more you work with us, the more exclusive the treatment will be. It all starts with Explorer, our first membership level. With every upgrade, from Premium to Partner, it just gets better and service fee lowers from 10% to 5%.

From the moment you enroll as a new member, you can rely on our Nordics.io standards and partner with all our verified partners vendors.

The premium membership level is where your privileges start to add up. For premium members  we will take care of pre-screening of the candidates, review and rank them. But the final decision is always up to the client.

At our best level, members can rely on each contract with a 100% delivery refund by Nordics.io.  The highest level of trust that Nordics.io has to offer.


Explorer - Up to 200.000 EUR10% of invoiced amount
Premium - 200.001 EUR - 500.000 EUR 7.5% of invoiced amount
Partner - 500.001 EUR and above5% of invoiced amount
From the moment you enroll as a new member, you can rely on our Nordics.io standards and start cooperating with all our verified partners vendors.
Sum of platform transactions

< 200.000 EUR

10% of invoiced amount
The premium membership level is where your privileges start to add up. For premium members, we will take care of pre-screening of the candidates, review and rank them.
Sum of platform transactions

200.001 EUR - 500.000 EUR

7.5% of invoiced amount
At our best level, members can rely on each contract with a 100% delivery refund by Nordics.io. The highest level of trust that Nordics.io has to offer.
Sum of platform transactions

> 500.000 EUR

5% of invoiced amount


We want to ensure that successful long-term cooperation between the client and the partner vendor can last for many years. The mutual agreement allows you to make and receive payments through Nordics.io from the date you first meet and start the cooperation with our partner client or partner vendor. Everything is agreed upon in advance with no hidden fees, you only pay for the amount reflexing the actual time spent on the project.

Nordics.io is dedicated to connecting businesses and creating partnerships which gives us the opportunity to be custodians and support both parties in all stages of a partnership where both parties can thrive and focus on what really matters – their businesses. But we also understand the value we bring, and we don't want to be a reason where our partners are stuck with the possible extension because of us.

Nordics.io will not be charging its service fee if there is no activity in one year between the partner client and the partner vendor, or if the turnover of the contract overcomes 200.000 EUR. 


One year from the connectionOne year from the moment you are matched, you are free to connect directly.
One year from the last day of the contractSigned contract is a thing of the past and you are free to reconnect after 12 months period has passed.
Contract overcomes 200.000 EURWe will opt-out if the turnover of the contract overcomes 200.000 EUR. Always.


This document and the information in it are provided in confidence, for the sole purpose of exploring business opportunities between the disclosing party and the receiving party and may not be disclosed to any third party or used for any other purpose without the express written permission of the disclosing party.


Frequently asked questions

Contact us with any question at hello@nordics.io

Does the participation in your partner vendor network cost anything?

No, our offer does not cost you anything.

What contracts are concluded with whom?

All parties including Nordics.io sign a three-party standard contract, an industry-vetted framework that's been in use for over a 2 years in our network.

Can we negotiate framework agreements?

No, our framework agreements are not negotiable. However, we can occasionally accept justified changes in the individual project contracts.

Why should I search for software service providers with Nordics.io?

You get access to CEE region's most talented service providers, screened and put together under one roof. We validate each proposal for fair pricing, judicious timelines, and adequate detail.

How much time does it take to help me find the Vendor?

It takes 7 days to bring the results for your tender.

What happens if I am not satisfied with an engagement?

While highly unlikely, we understand that sometimes things don't work out. If such a situation comes about, we can match you with another partner vendor of your choosing. The 14 days risk-free period applies.

Do you work with freelancers?

No, we don't. Our partners and their companies employ experts in their area who have gone through various screenings and are under strict SLAs. This way you can be sure you'll be matched with a 100% working and determined companies without any risks that might come with freelancers.

Can you help me with permanent full-time in-house developers?

We cannot help with hiring your new employees but we can offer you a long-term relationships with the partner vendors.

How do you match companies to software service providers?

We match companies using our matching algorithms with oversight from our client success team. In addition to the filtering according to the kind of requirement we also take into account location preferences, budget, stage of development, company size, legal stuff, and past experience (let's say you need a Blockchain specialist team - we will connect you to the developer(s) with experience in Blockchain, ICO’s, Smart Contracts, etc.).

Is the hardware provided by the customer?

It depends on the client and the area of ​​expertise and cannot be answered in advance. These questions can be asked and answered during interviews with partner client's representatives.

What if I am unsure about my needs?

No need to worry. You can schedule a call with us and we will guide you and help you prepare a solid project scope.

How do you screen your software companies?

On both sides of the B2B Ecosystem, we have created a unique system of information verification, analysis of large amounts of data with the appropriate assignment of a human perspective to the process.

Where are your vendors located?

Our partner vendors are located mostly in Central and Eastern Europe with the majority from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

What if I’m a non-technical founder?

No problems, we have helped a lot of non-technical co-founders from scratch to successful product launches. We’ll provide you a free Project Manager who can act as your team member and lay down product strategies and the best stack to follow.

Can you tell me more about the service providers on your platform?

Our partner vendors work in different domains, starting from Android development to Google app development, from Microsoft's framework to Blockchain technology. However, each partner vendors has its own strengths and we try to match you with partner vendors with a defined and demonstrated strength in your domain. In terms of size, the pool of partner vendors range from small 5-10 people firms to 300+ companies.

What is your commission?

5%-10% - depending on the size of the contract.

What are the average rates?

We have companies based in different parts of the world catering to a variety of organizations & businesses. But the average is around 45 EUR / hour for the senior developer.

I am interested. What do I do next?

Contact us at hello@nordics.io Once we know what you need, we'll hop on a call to talk about our next steps. Alternatively, feel free to schedule a call with one of our Founders or request to join on ecosystem.nordics.io