Frequently asked questions

I am interested. What do I do next?

Contact us through our hire or rent page or directly at You may schedule a call with one of our technical consultants to help you out. Once we have understood your requirements, we will match you with two software development agencies that best fit your needs. You hop on calls with the shortlisted teams, get the quotes, interview them and sign the contract with your BEST choice.

Why should I search for software service providers with IO?

You get access to Central Europe's most talented service providers, screened and put together under one roof. Our algorithms mixed with human matchmaking efforts match you to the development shops that best fit your needs & preferences. We validate each proposal for fair pricing, judicious timelines, and adequate detail.

How much time does it take to help me find the developers?

We guarantee a 6 working days search criteria for remote developers. Try us.

What happens if I am not satisfied with an engagement?

While highly unlikely, we understand that sometimes things don't work out. If such a situation comes about, we will match you with another

Do you work with freelancers?

No, we don't. Our partners and their companies have legit employees who have gone through various screenings and are under strict SLAs. This way you can be sure you'll be matched with a 100% working and determined developer without any risks that might come with freelancers.

Can you help me with permanent full-time in-house developers?

Although this is primarily not our main area of business, drop us a line at and we'll see what we can do.

How do you match companies to software service providers?

We match companies using our matching algorithms with oversight from our client success team. In addition to the filtering according to the kind of requirement (Java, Scala) we also take into account location preferences, budget, stage of development, company size, specific domain expertise, and experience (say you need a Blockchain specialist team - we will connect you to the developer(s) with experience in Blockchain, ICO’s, Smart Contracts, etc.).

What if I am unsure about my needs?

No need to worry. Schedule a Call with us and one of our solutions architects will guide you and help you prepare a solid project scope.

How do you screen your software companies?

We have quite an exhaustive selection process that includes screening a service provider's portfolio, interviewing it's developers, talking to past clients (multiple references), code quality, LinkedIn verification, physical offices due diligence, and at times doing test projects.

Where are your companies located?

Our companies are located in Central Europe.

What if I’m a non-technical founder?

No problems, we have helped tons of non-technical co-founders from scratch to successful product launches. We’ll provide you a free Project Manager who can act as your team member and lay down product strategies, roadmaps, and the best stack to follow.

Describe the service providers on the platform. What services do they offer? What do they focus on? How big are your service providers?

Our service providers work in different domains, starting from Android development to Google glass app development, from Oracle's framework to Blockchain technology. However, each service provider has its strengths and we try to match you with service providers with a defined and demonstrated strength in your domain. In terms of size, service providers range from small 2-10 people firms to 500+ enterprises.

Can you give me a case study?

Yes! Drop us an e-mail at and we’ll share the most relevant and most recent case studies with you.

Is IO Outsourcing 100% free to leverage?

Yes, it's 100% free for charge. No strings attached.

What are the pricing options available with IO?

We have companies based in different parts of the world catering to a variety of organizations & businesses. In terms of pricing, we have companies that charge as low as €15 per hour and companies that charge over €100 per hour depending on the skillset, experience and location requirements. However, we match companies based on your location preferences, and budget.