An awesome mention in the 24 Promising Software Engineering Startups of 2020 + Extra

We are very proud that we are succeeding in spreading the good name of our Nordics IO platform and that the information about our service is spreading further. In recent weeks, we have registered an increased interest in the entry of new partners into our B2B platform. It is very important for us to represent those software companies that have the experience, capacity, and expertise in the field. We welcome new companies from Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland that have undergone the Nordics IO approval process and their services are available to our clients.

The new business model in the field of hiring software services has also gained the attention of print & online media and other platforms. The last time we got into the selection of 24 Promising Software Engineering Startups of 2020 from the international startup magazine Startup Pill. For more information see the following article.

The article showcases Startup Pill’s top picks for the best Software Engineering startups. These startups are taking a variety of approaches to innovate inside of Software Engineering and around the world. They are all exceptional startups well worth a follow. The article is focusing on various categories as Innovative ideas, Innovative route to market, or Exceptional growth. Nordics IO Network got in this world-wide selection with the number 10 and we are very proud.

We are also looking forward to furthering publicity and will gradually present you with other shares and publications about our platform. We also register several offers to buy a stake in a fast-growing company, but we are not looking for financial investment in the current situation. However, we will definitely be happy if you contact us and in case of opening another round of investing in the company, we will inform you about the possibility.

Extra: November tournament in Hockey & NHL

As a reward for an effort and great results in November, we organized two tournaments from our company. The first was a real ice tournament and the second was a teambuilding tournament on PS4. Our guest meeting room has been transformed into a games room. There were 6 people from our company registered for the tournament, others remained as spectators. The clear winners were, of course, Nordics IO!

Thank you very much for reading this article and supporting us at the early stages of the startup.