Seed investment for Nordics IO

B2B startup Nordics IO that provides a platform for software companies in Europe, has raised seed investment by Slovak business angel. Nordics IO claims to have partnered with over 100 software companies to help in hiring single senior developers or full-stack teams for the projects. For the clients in the network is also the possibility to match with a best-fit software house in different areas like cloud, CRM, custom solutions, e-commerce, hardware & software, health care, startups, mobile & web apps, and others.

We believe in Nordics IO that nobody can do everything and everybody need to have a partner who can trust and rely on. If you want to keep the progress with the top you need to find the “A” development teams to work with. But that is not easy and it is not cheap. We are creating a platform that can help you focus on your business and at the same time hire “A players”.

Lukas Rezanina, CEO of Nordics IO

The network is open for both sides of the business, for the clients looking for IT sources and for the partners that are open to a new partnership. Platform discover the potential partner for your next development project and Nordics IO will provide you step by step with successful delivery.

The company helps the software houses and recruitment agencies manage available capacities, client proposals, and sources. Nordics IO operates its own smart searching for the best fit, where more than 4.000 full-time employees are representing more than 100 software houses. Additional sources of the biggest recruitment agencies and platforms like Techloop with more than 25.000 developers registered are creating an enormous source we can offer.

Our vetting process is strict and we are focusing on top-quality software development companies. After all their quality is the most important in B2B solution as Nordics IO. Collaboration with these powerful partners in Europe is supported by the key positives of our service as direct supervision on the work of developers, cost-savings, and excellent work ethic. These positives result in the strong potential for companies in the European Union for a closer partnership. European countries are statistically the ones with one of the best developers in the world, based on numerous studies. For example study from SkillValue, which is the French company:

Cooperation between companies in Europe and the right connection between business management and expert consultants makes a special combination in the market. There is a strong feeling there is no better way that makes more sense for business in software development these days.

There was a huge need for a true partnership in this sector and hence, we introduced the B2B network. We are planning to make a platform working semi-automatic in 2021. With the basics of data science, and partnership experience we can be sharper in partner selection, and with personal impact from our experienced team we can help a lot of customers next year. With this approach, we are aiming to change the way in which the business is done at software development.

Lukas Rezanina, CEO of Nordics IO

Even though Europe has more than 5 million software developers, there is still a big need for quality software developers. There are different solutions for companies in Europe like hiring recruitment agencies, creating marketing campaigns in HR, outsourcing services to the Asian countries, creating IT academies, or even postpone the development project. More than 50% would be comfortable outsourcing to an abroad company if it was recommended by someone they trust, the company said in a statement. That is why we are here with a network of partners with trust, reviews, references, and smart searching, fast hiring process -Nordics IO, a new revolutionary concept in software recruitment.