The story of Nordics IO

Nordics IO is a European network of IT vendors based in Slovakia with 145 software companies on board. We search over vendors and advise individuals or teams for European clients to help them fill their technology and expertise gaps.

Apart from professional matching vendors and clients, we offer value-added services which cover vendor quality verification, regular vendor screening, standard contracts, a monthly payment system, two weeks risk-free period as well as meeting scheduling and support.

So far, we have helped more than 20 companies with their search for top talent through our platform. Our clients are software development companies looking for reliable IT contractors or companies looking for an experienced IT vendor.


Lukas Rezanina comes from Kosice and spent his university studies in the Czech Republic, with internships in Finland and Sweden. He is now an experienced leader with a master’s degree in information technology, who during his studies founded several well-known projects in academia and sports. He played sports professionally when he was the captain of the Slovak national team in floorball.

Now Lukas and his team are working on a new project inspired by working life in Scandinavia. The aim is to create a European B2B network in software services. Something like Airbnb, but for IT. Something that will help European IT companies in the competitive fight for lucrative contracts across Europe. 

Nordics IO is not just about Lukáš. In addition to him, a number of talented people from Slovakia and partly from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland are working on the project. Nordics IO is growing every day and already has more than 145 partners from seven countries in Europe. Lukas’s responsibility is to make it a well-known European B2B network for software companies.

Nordics IO is a B2B Network connecting successful software companies in Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Central Europe.

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Perspective for the future

There is a huge need for a true partnership in the IT sector and as such, we introduced the B2B network.

We are planning to make a platform working semi-automatic in 2021. With the basics of data science, and partnership experience we can be sharper in partner selection, and with personal impact from our experienced team we hope to help you even more to our customers.

With this approach, we are aiming to change the way in which the business is done in software development.


Presentation where you can find all details about our company, vision, case studies and step-by-step guide on how to start a new partnership.