VISION is changing the way how European business is done in the IT industry.


World is moving fast and it brings a huge opportunity thanks to remote work, remote partnerships and remote business. Europe has an incredible high-tech potential but we’re still fighting with some boundaries and limitations. Our team at NIO made it their mission to solve this major challenge - finding a reliable and trustworthy European IT partner. We do it fast with the highest possible flexibility and synergy in cooperation.

We focus on B2B collaboration between IT companies who are either in need of resources, or companies who are looking to provide their resources and their solutions and help another company. We do it to bring power back to companies. Imagine a software company from Sweden with expertise in Blockchain looking for a vendor outside of Sweden. It’s impossible. You might have a friend there and there but it’s not sustainable. We offer an alternative, an ecosystem, the platform, where you can find a number of companies from your industry with the exact technology and experience you’re looking for. No favours, no preferences or bribes, just data analyses.

Nordics IO is an online platform that represents a transparent ecosystem. Both sides of our B2B Ecosystem are growing simultaneously but the quantity and quality of both sides must be respected and adhered to. We offer the tools to solve the world’s wicked problems. On this platform, you will find the right resources and solutions and the digital tools to create and bring plans to real life. You will be able to find and post tenders, start projects and invite others to join them. You can even start offering your IT services as a Partner Vendor. Just search through the menu on the left!

We’re committed to giving remote B2B software development a different look and different future and we’re already seeing it happening.


Robert Decman

COO & Development

Lukas Rezanina


Michal Musinka

Growth Manager

Roland Decman

Product Manager

Matus Makatura

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Lukas Rezanina comes from Kosice and spent his university studies in the Czech Republic, with internships in Finland and Sweden. He is now an experienced leader with a master’s degree in information technology, who during his studies founded several well-known projects in academia and sports. He played sports professionally when he was the captain of the Slovak national team in floorball.

Now Lukas and his team are working on a new project inspired by working life in Scandinavia. The aim is to create a European B2B network in software services. Something like Airbnb, but for IT. Something that will help European IT companies in the competitive fight for lucrative contracts across Europe. 

Nordics IO is not just about Lukáš. In addition to him, a number of talented people from Slovakia and partly from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland are working on the project. is growing every day and already has more than 150+ partners from seven countries in Europe. Lukas’s responsibility is to make it a well-known European B2B network for software companies. is an Ecosystem connecting successful software companies in Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Central Europe.