See 10 key reasons to think about hiring in your company and compare it to the Nordics IO platform. We thought about the overall process of recruiting people, selecting contractors, contracting new projects: We had more than 200 idea consultations and analyzed problems in the process. Below, in the infographics, you can see the top 10 reasons we picked out.



Our wide partner spectrum makes possible that on our platform you will find a developer or team according to your specific requirements. IT companies in the network are vetted software houses from Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway and Denmark. These IT companies are open for partnership in one of three services:

  1. Senior consultants
  2. Dedicated teams
  3. Full project development


Monthly expenses

Did you know that as an employer, you pay about 40% tax on your new employee, but also other costs such as the workplace, hardware, vacation, and rental costs? 

So if you are planning to hire a senior developer in Copenhagen, you will currently spend € 7,000 per month. With Nordics IO, you get an All-inclusive service in one monthly invoice just for € 4,000 per month.

In addition to the other services described below, which are included in the price.



Monthly costs for Senior Developer hired via Nordics IO compared to classic hiring process


Clients' preferences

According to the latest statistics, Central and North European countries are at the forefront of IT development. It is not easy to get a new power to the software devleopment. With Nordics IO Network it is all about clients' needs. Nordics IO is here to advise & help.



B2B Marketplace

Nordics IO supplies absence of innovative B2B marketplace in Europe. A wide database of partner companies delivering quality and different types of expertise. 


Culture, technology and work ethic

From our personal experience work ethic and culture is very similar in Central and North Europe.


Risk-free period

Try the partnership first and then decide. You're charged only if you are satisfied with the developers' work after the first two weeks.


Speed of searching

Extremely fast candidate search in 7 days and possible hiring up to two weeks.


Services that are free of charge

A fee is due only on employment or other engagement of a Candidate or Project. Customers will be invoiced from 7% to 10% of the monthly gross remuneration when a contract is made through Nordics IO Network.


Vetted quantity & QUALITY

We ensure you are connected with the best fit for your needs and companies in our network are thoroughly vetted in order to minimize the risk of your project going the wrong way.


Revolution in hiring

There was a huge need for a true partnership in this sector and as such, we introduced the B2B network. We are planning to make a platform working semi-automatic in 2021. With the basics of data science, and partnership experience we can be sharper in partner selection, and with personal impact from our experienced team we hope to help even more to our customers.

With this approach, we are aiming to change the way in which the business is done in software development.