Quantica Capital

Client from Switzerland

Redesign & Redevelopment of web app for Quantica Capital

Project, Fixed price
Zurich, Switzerland
€15.000 - €20.000
Jul 12, 2021
Applied vendors
30 from 50
Increased by 60%
Shortlisted vendors
6 from 30
Increased by 20%
Contracted vendor
1 from 6
Decreased by 16%


Contracted vendor from Czech Republic

Fixed price

A top-level overview of the work process is following. Each of the steps may be stretched, with respect to the Contract.

The project was developed in 3 stages:
Stage 1: Wireframes
Stage 2: Responsive web design
Stage 3: Technical implementation

Employing the platform of nordics.io helped us in sourcing the best talent needed for the timely delivery of our project. Given the amount of potential vendors, the service provides an efficient solution for the search itself and the collaboration with outsourcing partners.

Robert Kende
Head of Tech at the Quantica

We've been working on a lot of projects. We've been able to find some of the best partners out there and it's thanks to the quality that Quantica has. Thank you!

Jan Vorcak
CEO, Webscope.io


Tender information

Tender 'New web Quantica Capital'

Quantica Capital
4 months
New web presence for the company the Swiss-based alternative asset manager specialised in systematic investment strategies.
Creating a new web presence for the company Quantica Capital - A Swiss-based alternative asset manager specialised in systematic investment strategies. Creating a new web presence for the company. (1st phase) + Possible extended cooperation (Reporting & Analysis platform) on the second iteration (2nd phase) Objective:

Creating a new web presence for the company. (1st phase) + Possible extended cooperation (Reporting & Analysis platform) on the second iteration (2nd phase) Description

Quantica Capital AG's current website is a legacy WordPress solution (https://quantica-capital.com/). We would like to bring our online presence to the next level with a new modern look based on an up-to-date technology stack. In a subsequent iteration, this website would allow hosting a client portal with statically generated factsheets.

Technical Requirements:

Framework: ReactJS
Website generator: GastbyJS
Backend: Firebase (auth, data)

Branding assets (logotype etc.) will be provided but the selected vendor must have web-design experience.
Main domain
Other domains
Fintech, Web App Development, Design (UI/UX), Content Management Systems - CMS, Data Analytics
WordPress CMS, PHP, Gatsby, JavaScript, Firebase, React.js
Project description
Overview Request: Web app developemnt

Tags: Web app, Javascript, Gatsby, Data Analytics, Platfrom, UX UI Design, CMS, ReactJS, Firebase (auth, data)

Industry: Bank and Fintech, Design, Reporting

Website: https://quantica-capital.com

Language mutations English, German

Project inspirationwww.aqr.com, www.y-n10.com

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