Project Copilot AI

Leverage advanced AI capabilities for project planning, analysis, and team selection, enabling rapid decision-making and problem-solving, saving months of manual work in seconds.

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Team Matching AI

Harness powerful AI technology to match your project with the perfect teams, enhancing project success through data-driven insights.

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In the digital landscape of 2023, is pioneering the art of breaking through noise and complexity. We've harnessed analytics and AI, creating a platform that navigates the chaos of software engineering and delivers custom-matched vendor connections. With 20,000+ innovative solutions, this isn't just vendor management, it's the reinvention of software production.

Matúš Makatura

Vendor Management

Vendor management is the process of strategically overseeing and controlling the relationship between an organization and its suppliers or vendors. This process encompasses various activities, including procurement, contracting, performance monitoring, and relationship development. For a platform focused on Revenue Source A - Enterprise Private Cloud, vendor management is essential to ensure the seamless operation and growth of the enterprise private cloud services.

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Streamlined Procurement and Contracting.
One of the primary benefits of the platform is its ability to streamline the procurement and contracting process.
Secure Branded Platform on Private Cloud.
The platform offers the benefit of a secure, branded environment hosted on a private cloud infrastructure.
Unlimited Private Vendors and Projects.
 Enterprises can scale their operations without limitations.

The Power of Vendor Management is not just another vendor management system (VMS). It's a game-changer, driven by the force of AI. Our AI matching engine is your ultimate ally, ensuring that you are paired with the most fitting and top-notch engineering vendors across Europe. We've curated an exclusive ecosystem of engineering vendors with an extensive portfolio of over 20,000 solutions.

Request to Join Our Exclusive Ecosystem.
Ready to unlock the potential of our ecosystem? Send us a request to join, and we'll show you the way to a new world of vendor management.
The Nordics Vision.
NordicsVision is not just a platform; it's a vision brought to life. Our cutting-edge AI-driven platform empowers you with insights for maximum efficiency and the best possible match.
Trusted and Curated Ecosystem.
We've built a dynamic network with more than 500 partner businesses. These partners are verified and adhere to the rules of our ecosystem, ensuring quality and trust.
Data & Due Diligence You Can Trust.
At, we leverage large data sets and up-to-date market insights. This means you have a powerful tool at your disposal, helping you make better decisions when selecting a technology vendor.
Solving a Real Pains.
The problem of finding technical teams for specific projects is real, and it's time-consuming. That's where we come in. is the AI-powered solution that streamlines the process, saving you time and resources.
Top-tier Software Intelligence.
At, we provide unlimited software intelligence, offering access to a vast database of over 20,000 solutions by the top 500 software companies. This wealth of knowledge empowers you to seamlessly align your projects with successful solutions.

Experience the future of software intelligence with Our AI-driven platform streamlines project analysis, team matching, and vendor management, revolutionizing software development. Innovate. Connect. Transform.

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