Data-driven decisions is committed to forging enduring partnerships that defy industrial confines. Whether you're a start-up on the cusp of innovation, an ambitious SME, or a seasoned enterprise, our platform is meticulously tailored to meet your distinctive needs. Welcome to 2023, where your software projects reflect the future.

In a tangled world of software development, Nordics sees the chaos and offers a lifeline. We replace disjointed processes with streamlined, data-driven strategies to make quality, efficient software creation the new standard. We're not just solving problems, we're changing the game.

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Value-Driven Pricing Models

Our pricing model is designed to cater to diverse project needs and to bring maximum return of investments in software engineering projects.


5%-10% / success protection

Gain a competitive advantage with our Professional Plan, featuring premium vendor scouting, priority support, and AI-driven team matching for up to 10 projects per year.

  • Up to 3 projects
  • Up to 3 partners
  • Single user
  • Standardize procurement
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Ideal for large-scale businesses looking for comprehensive vendor selection, budgeting, and management. Contact us for a custom care.

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited vendors
  • Advanced analytics
  • Private cloud
  • Custom procurement
  • Custom branding
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Success service fee

We operate with a success service fee from 5% to 10% of the monthly gross remuneration with one invoice per month, and no hidden fees or pre-payments.

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0% rate after 200.000 EUR

If the contract's turnover exceeds 200.000 EUR, will lower its service fee to 0%, creating an equitable partnership for all at the platform.

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Transparency is our top priority puts transparency and honesty at the forefront of all its partnerships, guaranteeing open communication from the start to allow all parties to have a full understanding of the terms and to align on expectations.

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Exclusivity limited to one year

If there has been engagement between the matched client and partner vendor for a period of one year, then the companies may enter into a direct contract outside of the Platform.

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Our perks

Nordics Process

Starting a new partnership via with exclusive European member is free & easy. 
From the initial request to join, publishing the first tender to successful partnership.

Platform business model

To help run smoothly and to cover the cost of services, we charge a success service fee when a contract is confirmed. The client pays the agreed payment for the partner vendor plus the service fee from 5% to 10% according to the client's total turnover.

Nordics Standards

At, we believe in honest communication, transparency, trust, simplicity, and a win-win-win approach for all partnerships. Our standards guarantee fairness and success for everyone involved, while prohibiting fraud and lies. We strive for exclusivity and the highest standards of integrity in all our contractcs.

Vendor verification

At, we welcome new companies to join our B2B Ecosystem. We have developed a system that combines automated data verification and analysis with a human-centric approach. This system provides our users with access to reliable and comprehensive information.

Legal center

The Terms of Service is comprised of the following. You can maintain oversight of all technical details by having access to all contracts, NDAs, and other related documentation.


Experience the future of software intelligence with Our AI-driven platform streamlines project analysis, team matching, and vendor management, revolutionizing software development. Innovate. Connect. Transform.

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